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Types Of Roofing And Materials

Roof Tiles

baked clay tiles: extremely solid tiles with a long lifespan
plain tiles: flat tiles without ripples; concrete tiles: cheaper than baked tiles and choice of more variations and colours.

Roof Slates

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natural slate: expensive but authentic and they last a long time;
artificial slate: made out of fibre cement.

Metal Roofs

metal alternatives such as zinc, aluminium and copper are most frequently used a cheaper alternative are the materials used for flat roofs: PVC, EPDM or bitumen. A disadvantage here is the outlook rather new materials are the slates and roof tiles. However, In this case, one has to pay more attention to the waterproofness of the roof

Bitumen Roofs

Bitumen: better known as the traditional roofing material. In contrast to earlier times, its quality has clearly improved because bitumen is equipped with synthetic fibres nowadays.
SBS stands for Styrene Butadiene Styrene. This is a rubbery plastic (elastomer) that is added to bitumen. Because of this, modified SBS obtains an elastic character and a bigger adhesive force. The advantage of this is that this type of waterproofing can easily pick up the functioning of the foundation (insulation, steel, wood etc.).
APP: stands for Atactic PolyPropylene. This is a synthetic material with a plastic character (plastomer) that is added to bitumen. This way, APP modified bitumen offers enhanced protection against UV rays.

Asphalt Shingles

Ideal for an apex, flat or pent roof,
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Asphalt shingles have been used on roofs for over 100 years. They were created right here in the United States in 1903. At first, these shingles were made of rags, but eventually, manufacturers were looking for a roofing material that was more fire retardant. That’s because there were not many fire departments in service in the country at that time, and once a home caught on fire, it burned easily. Asphalt is very fire retardant, which makes them a great choice for roofing material. Currently, asphalt shingles are made from either fiberglass or another material and then covered in asphalt. Some shingles are covered with asphalt on one side only, while other shingles have asphalt on both sides. The shingle top is then coated with stone such as mica, schist or quartz. The back of the shingle has sand, mica or talc, which helps the shingles stick together on the roof.

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