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Natural Stone Slates and Composites

Natural Stone Slates and Composite or Synthetic Slate Tiles

Some European structures have natural slate tile roofs that are centuries old; composite or vinyl slate tile is expected to last 40-60 years.

Both genuine and synthetic slate is produced in lengths from 8” to about 24” with widths from about 4” to 16”. The size options allow you to choose the best look for your home’s architecture.

Natural Slate Tiles    Slate Roofs-Nottingham Roofers

are the most durable roof you can put on a building, but the material is heavy and often requires additional and costly support. Innovations in synthetic slate roofing systems,  are cutting the cost of genuine slate.
Synthetic composite slate and shake tiles are attractive for their lower cost and lighter weight.


The luxurious good looks of genuine slate are unsurpassed
Genuine slate is a “lifetime” roof for any building and enhances curb appeal and resale value
Slate requires little maintenance
Synthetic slate is lightweight yet strong
This is a green roofing material due to its durability, the fairly low impact of manufacturing, and that it can be reused and recycled


A roof made from slate can last as long as 75–150 years. One of the oldest roofing materials, slate is also one of the most expensive.

When it comes to durability, slate stands out from the competition. It’s both fireproof and virtually invincible in most inclement weather. Note that installation should be carefully executed—slate tiles can crack under the weight of the average person.

Slate is one of the most expensive materials because it will last for the better part of a century, and if the roof is properly constructed, more than 150 years. Because of this, slate is incredibly sustainable roofing material.

Roofing waste (specifically asphalt shingle waste) accounts for 3% of all waste in landfills. This is because homeowners have to replace most roofing materials every 30–50 years. A roof that could last three times as long as its competition is much better for the environment.

And slate is a naturally occurring material, which means that the manufacturing process doesn’t introduce toxins. Finally, because slate is one of the densest roofing materials on the market, it’s incredibly energy efficient, helping to regulate your home’s internal temperature.

Slate roofing:

Slate Roofs-Roofers In NottinghamUpscale brick and stone homes just need a slate roof to make them truly special. If cost isn’t an issue and you want the most distinctive aesthetic of any roof, choose slate.

Slate Tile

Slate shingles may well be the answer you have been looking for if you need something a bit classier and more modern looking for your home’s roofing system. The first recorded slate roof of a private home is reported to be in North Wales, England around 1300A.D. More Info:-

Slate is a stone that is from areas with a lot of clay or volcanic ash. Slate was very expensive when it was first used, and only lords and ladies could afford a slate roof. New ways of processing slate have led to slate roofs becoming more economical as a roofing choice.

The advantages of slate are its natural appearance, superior fire resistance, durability, and up to 100 years’ lifespan. Slate as a roofing material is just plain gorgeous and has been used by architects for hundreds of years, because of its beauty. Slate is also impervious to a lot of weather disasters that spell trouble for other roofing materials. It naturally resists high winds, lots of rain, and hail. In fact, slate roofs can resist damage from hail that is up to four inches in diameter. That’s a tennis-ball size!

Slate is available in a variety of colors and styles, making it a great choice for a new roof installation upgrade. The biggest disadvantages of slate tiles are that they are quite heavy and do not hold up to standing on at all. Another big disadvantage of putting a slate roof is the cost. Natural slate roofs cost more money to manufacture than asphalt shingles do, and they also require expert installation to last a long time. If you have the money, slate roofs are amazing. However, you need to think about the costs of a slate roof before you commit to one.


natural slate: expensive but authentic and they last a long time;
artificial slate: made out of fibre cement.


Slate roofing lasts more than 100 years. It won’t burn, is waterproof, and resists mold and fungus. Slate is effective


in wet climates but is expensive, heavy, and may be easily broken when stepped on. Keep this in mind if you live in an area that experiences hail.

Consider the disadvantages, too:

Genuine slate is the heaviest roofing material at up to 1,500lbs per 100 square feet, so extra framing support (and extra cost) is necessary
If a slate roof isn’t properly installed, moisture issues will start quickly
Slate roofs should only be installed by contractors that specialize in slate, so you must do your due diligence before hiring an installer
Slate might break if walked on, so roof and chimney repairs are more difficult to make

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